Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)

Sweet sexy Christmas!  What’s hotter than a bunch of nerdy scientists and doughy middle-aged men getting their rocks off?

Anitra Ford.  That is the only answer this movie will allow.  Because no matter what you were going to say, Anitra Ford kinda trumps everything.

Today I’m going to bring you a cautionary tale of what happens when women get a little too much power.  They fuck you to death.  These little honey bees are literally going to straight suck your life out through your dick penis. Continue reading “Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)”

Blood Tide (1982)

I asked you to vote on a movie for me to watch.  1982’s Blood Tide won.  Well, it won in so much as you had better fuckin’ believe I was going to cover White Comanche anyway (how could I not with William Shatner playing two roles).  So I decided Blood Tide, also known as Bloodtide, also known as Demon Island, was going to win.

Additionally, I kinda hate those of you who voted for this.

This flick has some recognizable people in it.  James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer, Mary-Louise Weller (from Animal House), Martin Kove (who is usually a dick in his movies), Deborah Shelton (from Dallas), and Lydia Cornell (from Too Close for Comfort).  So it’s kinda bringing some star power to the table.  Maybe more than this blog is accustomed to, but still.  Darth Vader is in this movie as is a guy from Dracula’s Dog (Ferrer)! Continue reading “Blood Tide (1982)”

Captain America (1979)

You know…  I don’t think the skeevy guy with the folding table and all the medallions and the chest hair with the white DVD boxes with “Captain America Good Action Yeah” written in Sharpie on it was telling the truth when I asked him if this was the new Captain America: Civil War movie I’ve heard so much about lately.

The late 70s really did give it an honest go by trying to adapt comic book heroes in a grown-up way.  On TV, you had Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk. On the big screen you had none other than Superman just flat out killin’ it.  There were some duds like Isis and Shazam, but the successful stuff kinda outshined the bad. Continue reading “Captain America (1979)”