Deadly Friend (1986)

Just because it seems as though I haven’t had enough of the whole “likable female lead gets killed” theme so far for 2017…

Oh shit, spoilers: Kristy Swanson plays a completely, totally likable character and gets straight murdered in this movie.

Anyway, like I was saying, this week, we jump right into one of the strangest movies I’ve seen in a while.  Okay, that’s a massive fucking lie.  Mystics in Bali was one of the most bonkers things I may have ever seen ever.  Again, let me get back on track here – this week’s feature, Deadly Friend, is strange not because of how the movie itself plays out or how completely, totally 80s it is, but in how it is a terribly awkward follow-up for Wes Craven after his A Nightmare on Elm Street revitalized the horror genre in the middle of the decade. Continue reading “Deadly Friend (1986)”

Black Roses (1988)

Alright, guys…  I need to redeem 2017 in a hurry.  Let’s see if enlisting the power of 1980s hair metal rock and roll can get us back on track.

No, really, I mean it.  I kinda feel after a particularly strong showing during Alyssa Milano month in December, I have done nothing but stumble out of the gate here in January.  So, Black Roses, it’s up to you to save my blog.

1980s horror had a few things going for it.  First, it had slashers.  Second, it could always fall back on the old, tried and true supernatural.  Third, there was an onslaught of new rock and roll bands that stood in direct opposition to the resurgence of Evangelical Christianity of the time.  Finally, there was the VHS boom that meant more and more movies could be made cheaply to cash in on those kids who just wanted something easy to watch. Continue reading “Black Roses (1988)”

Killer Party (1986)

Okay, maybe I overreached last week.  Mystics in Bali… Really?  Why did I pick a movie that was utterly nonsensical to the point of absurdity and something hardly anyone has seen?

Oh yeah, the floating head that sucked babies out of vaginas.

Let’s get back to something a little safer and a lot more fun.  After all, what’s better than a slasher film for Friday the 13th?  I will say, typing that felt weird.  It’s like maybe I should be talking about something else.  Hmmm.  Oh I dunno, I’m sure whatever that nagging sensation I’m feeling is just a buncha hooey. Continue reading “Killer Party (1986)”

Mystics in Bali (1981)

Happy fuckin’ New Year, assholes!

We’re slamming straight into the new year, full speed ahead with a peculiar little Indonesian treat, Mystics in Bali.

The 1981 film was originally banned in its home country, but eventually found its way onto some black market VHS tapes.  With the 21st century and the internet, word of this fucking weird ass movie spread through the b-movie and cult subculture until it was finally given proper releases. Continue reading “Mystics in Bali (1981)”